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Admiral Scenario Editor for Starfleet Command Empires at War Commodore Scenario Editor for Starfleet Command Empires at War

FAQs for Admiral and Commodore

What are the system requirements?

What ships are included?

Paying for Admiral
   Why is it now a free download?
   What is the suggested donation? How much does it cost?
   How do I donate?
   How big is the file?
   Why PayPal for donations?
   What if I do not want to use PayPal?
   Why does PayPal say “Pay to Astonish Inc.”?
   How do I pay for Admiral if I already have it?

How Do I Install?

Where Are the Lastest READMEs?
What ships are included with these programs?

Neither Admiral nor Commodore come with any ship data. All of the data is read in from Starfleet Command II. If you have a patched version of Starfleet Command II that adds or remove ships, this will be reflected in Admiral and Commodore.

System Requirements

Admiral and Commodore run on Windows computers that have the game “Starfleet Command II: Empires at War ™” installed. Minimum system requirements match that of SFC II. Because both Admiral and Commodore use the ship list from SFC II, they require that SFC II is installed. This game is a classic. It is not expensive and is widely available. You can get it new or used from

Purchasing Admiral

Why is it now a free download?
Because it's easier for everyone this way, we've had some download problems and it seems like the right thing to do.

What is the suggested donation? How much does it cost?
Free to download and play. You get full functionality. Contribute what you want to our virtual tip jar. We used to charge $10. Any amount flatters my ego that you like something I spent so much time creating.

How do I donate?
Use this button:

How big is the file?
354 kb

Why PayPal?
PayPal is safe, secure, cheap. It's easy to implement and nearly ubiquitous. They charge sellers lower rates than banks and have no set-up or recurring costs.

PayPal also offers flexibility by accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as well as all major debit cards and direct transfers.

What if I do not want to use PayPal?
Thanks for caring! As an alternative to PayPal, we also accept checks and money orders (payable to Astonish Inc.). Send to:
       Astonish Inc.
       P.O. Box 10021
       Bainbridge Island WA 98110

Why does the PayPal payment page say “Pay to Astonish Inc.”?
Astonish Inc. is us. It's the name of the company we do our programming through.

How do I pay for Admiral if I already have it?
Also known as: “Someone gave me a copy of Admiral and I want to do the honorable thing and pay for it because I love it and $10 is a great deal for such a fun program.”

Nice of you to ask! Please use the PayPal button on the left to get to our virtual tip jar on PayPal. Thanks!

How Do I Install?

Installing Admiral or Commodore is simple. Each is distributed as a single ZIP file. Save the ZIP file to the location you want and extract all files. Then just double click on either admiral.exe or commodore.exe to launch the scenario editor.

Do I need a Zip drive to install the ZIP file? No. (We really have been asked this question.) ZIP files have nothing whatsoever to do with Zip drives. You need an unzip utility such as WinZip, available at several sites including and the CNET Download Center.

Where Are the Lastest READMEs?
Admiral README   (last updated 12/2/2016)

Commodore README   (last updated 12/2/2016)


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